polarPhase.com faq

Stretch Internet

We've been working with polarPhase.com since 2004 and have been pleased with their services.     

— Ryan Ermeling, Stretch Internet


1. How do I upload/download files?

If you are using Microsoft Windows upload your files using WinSCP. For Mac OS X use Transmit.

2. What is the incoming mail server for Outlook?

For the incoming mail server put: "mail.yourdomain.com" (without the quotes). Your domain is your registered domain name. Example: mail.joeshmo.com

3. What is the outgoing mail server for Outlook?

For the outgoing mail server you put (ISP) Internet Server Provider's mail server. For example, if Comcast is your ISP you would put smtp.comcast.com. Please contact your provider for this information. If still need further assistance please submit a question.

4. How do I log into WebMail?

Either by pressing the "Webmail" button from the upper right hand corner of this web site or type the following in the "Address" section of your browser: "https://webmail.polarphase.net/". Answer "yes" to the security certificate.

5. Why does a "Security Alert" warning appear when accessing my Webmail?

This is the security certificate you are required to download to check you email. This certificate secures the web site so that no information can be read by any hackers.

6. What if I already have a domain name?

No problem, polarPhase.com will transfer it for you.

7. Why can't I see the changes I made to my Web site?

Because after uploading your files to your folder you need to hit the "Refresh" or "Reload" button at the top of your browser.

8. Why doesn't my FTP program work?

polarPhase strictly uses SFTP/SCP to transfer files to the polarPhase servers. FTP protocol is not secure and any password information transferred over the net is visible.

9. Why can't I receive email?

Make sure incoming or pop mail settings are set to mail.yourdomain.com

10. Why can't I send email?

Confirm your outgoing or SMTP mail server with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

11. Do I need to purchase a domain name?

No. You can sign up polarPhase.com without a domain name. Your web site address would be: http://www.polarphase.com/yourname/.

12. How do I change the catch-all e-mail forwarding address?

(This is for Web-Site control panel users only any the other user needs to request this by email)

13. May I cancel my service anytime I want? Is there a fee?

You may cancel anytime. A fee will apply to those with Annual contracts.

14. How do I reduce data transfer?

polarPhase offers a bandwidth limiter service to help limit your bandwidth.

15. What happens to my domain name and e-mail if I cancel my service? Can I take my domain name with me?

You ultimately own the domain name, you can do what ever you want with it.